Wedding Policy of the New Hempstead Presbyterian Church

Adopted June, 2013

Preparing for a Service of Christian Marriage at the
New Hempstead Presbyterian Church

The Meaning of Marriage

The wedding service is an act of worship. It counts on that special presence of the Lord which is promised to all who gather in His name. Reverence and sobriety are therefore expected of all who are in attendance. The guest should be deeply concerned with what is happening. Marriage is literally an act of God. Legally it could be ratified at the courthouse; but for Christians, that would leave out the essential part.

Therefore, every aspect of the wedding service shall reflect the presence of God, and be ordered so that God is the center of the service.

A Three-Way Decision about a wedding in the church depends on:

  1. What the two of you decide after reading this guide, talking with the pastor and becoming familiar with the church setting.
  2. The pastor