The New Hempstead Presbyterian Church has Christian Education opportunities for everyone. We have lively adult education and discussion groups, Sunday morning classes for children and a teen youth group that meets Sunday evenings.

Adult Education

The New Hempstead Presbyterian Church has adult study groups. All meet weekly from September through June. The Adult Bible Study is led by Ed Garcia and meets on Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM in the Colonial room. Anyone is welcome to join on any Sunday.

On some weekday evenings, a discussion group meets for Bible study, Christian book discussions, etc. On the first Wednesday of the month, a group meets for discussions of racism and white privilege.

Children and Youth

Elder Pauline Mattis is the chair of Christian Education. The program for children and youth is taught by a rotating team of teachers who work together to develop a Biblically-based program of instruction. Presently, children attend Worship through the “Children’s Experience” after the first reading and then go into the Colonial Room with their teachers.

Confirmation Classes

In our Presbytery, the confirmands attend a joint confirmation class with other students from Presbyterian churches around the area. This allows them to hear a variety of speakers from different churches and to experience what it means to be Christian from people with a variety of points of view. Each confirmand is assigned a mentor from the church.

Youth Group

Generally meets Sunday evenings from 4-6 PM from September through the end of June. Young people 12 or older (and their friends) are invited to come & share some fun and fellowship with others their own age.

Please contact Howard Whitehouse or the church office for more details.

The youth group runs the weekly food drive. The People to People food pantry gratefully accepts all the donations that we provide. We highlight particular items that they are short of each month as a way to keep the hungry in our thoughts and prayers.