Helping the Kitties at HiTor

Next session is Wednesday, September 19 at 3 PM in Murchison Hall. Contact Nancy Jacobs for more information.
On a recent Wednesday, a group of us met at Murchison Hall (Carmen, Sylvia M., Pam, Lona, Lori K.W., Karen M, and Karen’s granddaughter!), for the purpose of cutting bed sheets to fit the cages of the resident/adoptable cats at the HiTor Animal Care Center (Shelter). Among the eight of us, we cut enough sheets to outfit 230 kitty cages in under 2 hours. I brought the cut sets over to HiTor on Thursday, disseminated many of the sets to the various rooms and sheds, where workers were cleaning cages, and placed the rest in the materials room, where I’m certain they will be used within the next couple days. The benefits of cutting sheets include these:
  1. Workers can more rapidly outfit cages if they don’t have to spend so much time folding sheets to fit them. Time saved from outfitting cages can be used to pay attention to the “higher” needs (petting, brushing, exercising, socializing) of the cats.
  2. Donated sheets can be used more efficiently if they are used for two to four cages instead of one.
  3. Since HiTor has no laundry facility (no room for laundry machines; no funds for power, water, and staff to do laundry), they depend on volunteers to launder used linens, and the amount of used linens can be cut by more than 50% if sheets are used more efficiently to outfit cages. So, fewer laundry loads are needed.
In the Fall and Winter, the cats benefit additionally from having cushy materials in their cages (soft comforting, warm materials) as well. These materials need to be cut down from donated afghans and wraps in order to suit cat cages. Our sheet-slitting sessions may incorporate some kitty cushy cutting beginning in September. I will attempt to video some of the HiTor kitties as they enjoy their cushies. If I can figure out the Murchison Hall media system, you’ll see how much the kitty cats like them (much purring and kneading). For the information of future volunteers to the sheet-slitting sessions, the sheets we cut are already laundered and clean. I supply sharp shears for those who don’t own/bring their favorite set. I also supply a bit of refreshment. (I’ve had good reviews on these products) People work singly or in pairs working on the materials. Even an hour spent on this project while gabbing with other folks will benefit the kitty cats.

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