Members speak out for the homeless

Mary Wollstonecraft said, “It is Justice, not charity, that is wanting in this world.”

For years, the New Hempstead Presbyterian Church and its members have provided charity for the homeless of Rockland County, often through Helping Hands of Rockland County, and will do so again in March. Recently, two of our members have spoken out for Justice for the Homeless, through the Journal News. The link takes you to Laura Metallo-Bidon’s letter to the editor (printed Sunday, February 21), describing her view of the injustice of the county’s response. In addition to the letter, the short video provides background information and shows scenes from our recent Safe Haven hosting and another member speaking out.

From Laura Metallo-Bidon’s letter,

Our faith tradition calls us to care for the needy in our midst, and we have been blessed with resources to do that.

But we, like many others in the faith community, are rapidly running out of space to accommodate the growing numbers, and the cost of feeding 40-plus individuals will soon become too great for our small congregation to absorb.

What is local government’s responsibility to meet this growing need? Rockland County has no emergency shelter for homeless adults. It’s time for the county to step up and find a sustainable way to provide safe shelter for our homeless neighbors.


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